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About Us

Release time : 2018-10-15

On July 2017, the Belt and Road Technology Transfer & Collaborative Innovation Alliance is founded with the joint proposal from Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer and related Jiangsu organizations, together with Jiangsu partners including national and international top universities and technology transfer agencies


In May 2017, President Xi pointed out in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that we should build the Belt and Road into a road of innovation. Innovation is an important force powering development. China will enhance cooperation on innovation with other countries and launch the Belt and Road Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation Action Plan

Jiangsu is located in where the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road meet. It enjoys, therefore, a unique geographical advantage in pursuing Belt and Road Initiative. Meanwhile, Jiangsu is an open-type economy-prosperous province and an important manufacturing base in China, even across the world with strong economic foundation and huge cooperation demands to engage in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Secretariat of Alliance is in Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer, responsible for its daily operation.

With the innovation partnership network covering many countries along the routes including Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Czech, Slovak, India, etc., the alliance also has close scientific cooperation with lots of countries and regions with strong innovation capabilities including the UK, France, Finland, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

The alliance has established partnerships with China-CEEC Technology Transfer Center, China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center, China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center and China- South Asia Technology Transfer Center.

Our Vision

On the basis of equality, willingness, openness and mutual benefit, the alliance accesses to innovation resources along B&R countries, builds online-to-offline comprehensive service platforms and constructs scientific innovation and technology transfer cooperation network to promote the exchange of talents, technologies, capital and capacity across countries and regions. The alliance is dedicated to strengthening the S&T and industrial cooperation along Belt and Road and creates a broad development space for all its members.

Our Jobs

By establish partner network among its membership, the alliance’s main jobs including:

1. To promote international technology transfer and joint R&D. To speed up the transfer and commercialization of advanced technologies.

2. To conduct international trainings and exchange for top talents. To provide services and support for innovation and entrepreneurship.

3. To organize international innovation cooperation activities including technology matchmakings, project roadshows and round table meetings.

4. To build online platform supporting international innovation cooperation. To provide services in time for talents exchange, technology matchmaking and investment.

5. To facilitate the co-establishment of the platforms for international innovation cooperation including joint R&D center, joint laboratory, offshore incubator and international innovation park.

6. To promote targeted investment and financial services to attract capital supporting international technology transfer and M&A.