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Alliance Participated in the 11th Annual Conference of the China-Russia Science and Technology Cooperation Bases Union

Release time : 2018-10-11

On Oct. 11-14, 2018, the 11th annual conference of the China-Russia Science and Technology Cooperation BasesUnionwas held in Harbin. 42 members of the Alliance from the countryattendedthis annual meeting. Dr. ZhaoZhiqiang, the director of Jiangsu S&T Exchange Center with Foreign Countries, participated in the conference.

During this annual event, ShiZhaohui, deputy director of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Department and Mr. ChenLinhao, deputy director of Ministry of Science and Technology delivered speeches. The director of the Coordination Division of the China Science and Technology Exchange Center proposed the suggestions to participants regarding the process management. Representatives exchanged ideas on the topics oftechnology transfer,innovation cooperation potential andcross-border and cross-regional joint R&D projects. During the conference, Belt and Road Alliance introduced the Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute tojoin the China-Russia Science and Technology Cooperation Bases Union.

During the conference, Sino-Russian Science and Technology Innovation Day, the 3rd China-Russia High Technology Forum and the 7th Harbin International Innovation Achievements Exhibition and Trade Fair were also held. More than 500 representatives from China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, South Korea, Iran and other countries participated in the event.