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Belt and Road, Innovation Cooperation and Tech Transfer Union

Release time : 2017-10-24

On October 24th, a matchmaking event jointly organized by the “Belt and Road” Alliance for Innovation Cooperation and Technology Transfer and the Jiangsu Productivity Center was held in Nanjing. Mr. Zhao Yangwei, Director of the International Cooperation Division of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department and Mr. Xia Taishou, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Productivity Center attended the event, along with 30 overseas representatives from Russia, Israel, Korea and the Netherlands.

In response to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the “Belt and Road” at the International Cooperation Summit, on the Jiangsu, China-2017 Cooperation Symposium for Top Universities and Institutes, the Alliance is founded at the joint proposal from Jiangsu Productivity Center, Jiangsu Technology Exchange Market Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute. Focusing on chains of technology, capital and industry, the alliance will parallel various links in innovation, integrate innovation resources and coordinate innovation players for collaborative innovation. Through the participation of enterprises, universities, institutes, government departments, financial institutions and intermediary agencies, the alliance will facilitate in-depth integration of technological innovation and industrial development by dealing with major industry demands and livelihood-related growth areas in partner countries and regions.

The matchmaking event was the first event organized by the Alliance to implement the new practice of “two focuses and one high” of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Xia Taishou, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Productivity Center, gave a detailed introduction of the alliance. He said that the alliance would closely follow the “Belt and Road” initiative, regularly hold innovation cooperation events, promote international technology transfer project matchmaking and support the establishment of joint R&D centers as well as offshore incubators. Mr. Stanislav Yashchuk. General Manager of Investment Development and Project Management Fund of Tomsk Region made a keynote speech as the chairman on duty of the Alliance. He said that the Investment Development and Project Management Fund of Tomsk Region would actively participate in the “Belt and Road” initiative and bring more Russian R&D institutions to join the alliance.

After the opening ceremony, roadshows and matchmaking sessions for Russia, Netherlands and Korea were held. Representatives from Jiangsu and overseas institutions and enterprises conducted in-depth discussions. In the future, the alliance will provide more professional services for the potential cooperation projects based on the network of alliance members.